Scripting an OCR Scan?

Hart Larry chime at
Sat Jun 29 18:03:45 UTC 2013

OK, first of all, thanks to I think the name was Iris?  I did successfully 
install abbyyocr9   however, absolutely no man-page.  I seemingly must run it 
as root?  While looking at useage, there seem to be options such as plaintext 
but it surely does not make at all how to run a live scan?  Also, if I wanted 
to purchase, I think all amounts are in Eros?
Now Dallas, thanks, I ran
tesseract -psm 3
but ofcourse that didn't work.  Honestly at this point in both these engines, I 
will probably need live asistance, especially so we can tweak settings for 
Thanks so much in advance, all of you, so-far

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