Any Accurate O C R Programs in DOS I can run in Linux?

Jason White jason at
Sun Jun 30 06:32:03 UTC 2013

 <blinux-list at> wrote:

>What is probably needed is to rotate and crop the output
>images from SANE's scanimage using Imagemagick / convert
>or pnm tools, when scanning anything other that a sheet of paper
>oriented in portrait format.
>In fact, if you look at the tesseract man page, it lists
>the 'convert' program in the 'SEE ALSO' section.

I'm sure there are scripts around to automate all of this.

In the Linux OCR world there are three reputable projects that I know of:

1. Tesseract.

2. Cuneiform for Linux (no longer maintained, unfortunately, but reputedly

3. OCRopus.

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