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Sat Mar 2 19:21:24 UTC 2013

On March  2, 2013, Hart Larry wrote:
>  As an example, here is a Debian man for ren "rename"


That might be a bit unfair, as the Linux way to rename files is to
just use "mv" ("move", which also serves to "move" the file to a new
name).  This is a lot closer to the DOS behavior.  The "rename"
command can get crazy-complex for batch-transforming filenames,
slicing and dicing them and reassembling the pieces as you see fit.
I use both, but I only bring out the heavy artillery of "rename" when
I actually need it.

That said, the man pages *are* daunting if you're not already
comfortable with the environment.  I've found it helpful to set up a
few DOS-like aliases in my ~/.bash_aliases file that do what I mean,
even when I type the DOS command:

  alias dir='ls -lsFa'
  alias cd..='cd ..'
  alias ren=mv
  alias md=mkdir
  alias rd=rmdir

(you might have to put those in your ~/.bashrc or ~/.bash_profile
instead, if your environment doesn't automatically handle .bash_alias


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