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Kyle kyle4jesus at gmail.com
Sat Mar 2 20:13:54 UTC 2013

I totally agree that the rename manpage is very hard to understand, 
especially for those coming from Dos. It first makes a very uninformed 
assumption that the average end-user knows what a Perl regular 
expression is, as well as mostly assuming that the average end-user 
knows how to use Perl regular expressions. This is why I suggested 
things like the Linux Documentation Project and LinuxQuestions, as well 
as various distros' wikis and such. Also, since Karen stated that she 
was willing to pay for specific individual help, I suggested that 
although I can't be a human presence in the room, I can provide such 
personalized individual support by phone, e-mail or other electronic 
means, and can even attempt to translate specific manpages to something 
much more like plain english. It would be a great thing, if it hasn't 
already been done, to translate highly technical manpages to something 
less technical and put them on some type of website, preferably 
something that already exists. I don't mind helping with some of this,, 
as it is definitely something that is needed.
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