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Kyle kyle4jesus at gmail.com
Sun Mar 3 01:58:53 UTC 2013

Orca not as good as Jaws? What? While it's true that the last time I 
used Jaws was probably 10 years ago, it was getting progressively worse 
and slower, and crashing the whole computer more often at the time I 
stopped using it than it was when I started using it. Yes, Oracle's 
failing to maintain Orca caused a few setbacks, but Joany and others 
have been working extremely hard to make it much more usable than it 
ever was, and in fact, Orca now works much better than what I have heard 
reported about VoiceOver. Additionally, even if we count out Linux 
entirely for a moment and only focus on Windows, NVDA is better than 
Jaws, so we can certainly count out Jaws as even being a contender in 
the battle for screen reader supremecy for a very long time to come.

Yes, Orca does some things differently, e.g. it doesn't have a forms 
mode or virtual buffer in the browser, but that alone makes it better 
than all Windows screen readers. The only thing it has trouble with at 
this point is Flash, but everything has varying degrees of trouble with 
Flash, and I have never thought of it as a workable solution for 
embedding media on any website.
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