just how much can you do with?

Lee A. Stone stonedge at myfastmail.com
Sun Mar 3 13:45:22 UTC 2013

Thanks Kyle   for your suggestions and offering  to work by phone  or
mail. I must admit  years ago when I was starting in a community college
they gave a direct " No" to installing what I'll  speak of as a " talking
computer" in  their building. However I  have  been lucky over many years
to have a Teacher a Friend who  has stayed  the cutting edge, taking me
from Dos and nettamer to where I am today using the best of  Archlinux
Without this teacher I might still be back using dos. Let me also suggest
if you do not already use an externalhard drive   and I say this as I had a
9 year old  computer that just up and died and from there no place to go
except with a lot of help  I have a new
Acer pc which I  love as it has all  the connections you need  right up on
the top and up front. thanks for those who maintain  and keep this list
going. Lee  On
Sat, 2 Mar 2013,
Kyle wrote:

> I totally agree that the rename manpage is very hard to understand, especially
> for those coming from Dos. It first makes a very uninformed assumption that
> the average end-user knows what a Perl regular expression is, as well as
> mostly assuming that the average end-user knows how to use Perl regular
> expressions. This is why I suggested things like the Linux Documentation
> Project and LinuxQuestions, as well as various distros' wikis and such. Also,
> since Karen stated that she was willing to pay for specific individual help, I
> suggested that although I can't be a human presence in the room, I can provide
> such personalized individual support by phone, e-mail or other electronic
> means, and can even attempt to translate specific manpages to something much
> more like plain english. It would be a great thing, if it hasn't already been
> done, to translate highly technical manpages to something less technical and
> put them on some type of website, preferably something that already exists. I
> don't mind helping with some of this,, as it is definitely something that is
> needed.
> ~Kyle
> http://kyle.tk/

If you want to travel around the world and be invited to speak at a lot
of different places, just write a Unix operating system.
	-- Linus Torvalds

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