just how much can you do with?

Karen Lewellen klewellen at shellworld.net
Sun Mar 3 14:36:36 UTC 2013

Hi folks,
  I have a more detailed reply to one of Tim's but let me speak to 
something here.
I use DOS by choice because it works for me, works for lots of others too 
which is why it is still under development.
Still, I would indeed happily pay for in person Linux training.
I have zero interest in on  the phone training because for my combination 
of needs, it will not  do the job.
One cannot train me via email either, one must be here noting what I am 
doing what I desire to do and why.
It is like Lee said below. I sent two days with a professional learning 
what I needed...in 1988.  I continue to successfully build on that in 
person training.  I think I spent an additional  four hours when I changed 
screen readers in the mid 90s  or so, but still the training in person 
catered to my needs made the difference.
That cannot be matched over the phone, certainly not worth an investment 
of financial resources for me at least.
My detailed explanation for Tim might make that more clear.
as one extra example.
One can, if desired pay apple $99 and for a year you can sit down as often 
as you wish in person with  an apple staff member and get hands on 
training with apple products.
That to me is a worthwhile investment in learning both the speech and the 
operating system  from those who designed them both.
even Apple knows the difference.
More later,

On Sun, 3 Mar 2013, Lee A. Stone wrote:

> Thanks Kyle   for your suggestions and offering  to work by phone  or
> mail. I must admit  years ago when I was starting in a community college
> they gave a direct " No" to installing what I'll  speak of as a " talking
> computer" in  their building. However I  have  been lucky over many years
> to have a Teacher a Friend who  has stayed  the cutting edge, taking me
> from Dos and nettamer to where I am today using the best of  Archlinux
> Without this teacher I might still be back using dos. Let me also suggest
> if you do not already use an externalhard drive   and I say this as I had a
> 9 year old  computer that just up and died and from there no place to go
> except with a lot of help  I have a new
> Acer pc which I  love as it has all  the connections you need  right up on
> the top and up front. thanks for those who maintain  and keep this list
> going. Lee  On
> Sat, 2 Mar 2013,
> Kyle wrote:
>> I totally agree that the rename manpage is very hard to understand, especially
>> for those coming from Dos. It first makes a very uninformed assumption that
>> the average end-user knows what a Perl regular expression is, as well as
>> mostly assuming that the average end-user knows how to use Perl regular
>> expressions. This is why I suggested things like the Linux Documentation
>> Project and LinuxQuestions, as well as various distros' wikis and such. Also,
>> since Karen stated that she was willing to pay for specific individual help, I
>> suggested that although I can't be a human presence in the room, I can provide
>> such personalized individual support by phone, e-mail or other electronic
>> means, and can even attempt to translate specific manpages to something much
>> more like plain english. It would be a great thing, if it hasn't already been
>> done, to translate highly technical manpages to something less technical and
>> put them on some type of website, preferably something that already exists. I
>> don't mind helping with some of this,, as it is definitely something that is
>> needed.
>> ~Kyle
>> http://kyle.tk/
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> If you want to travel around the world and be invited to speak at a lot
> of different places, just write a Unix operating system.
> 	-- Linus Torvalds
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