Tony Baechler tony at
Sun Mar 3 14:39:25 UTC 2013

Well, Helix is the open source version of RealPlayer if you want to give it 
a try.  It's very rudimentary and I don't like it.  MPlayer does show the 
track info, so I'm not sure what you mean.  Just use the Speakup review 
keys.  It helps a lot to pass the -quiet switch.  You can also use ffmpeg to 
convert the RealMedia to a different format.  RealPlayer itself is dead, at 
least on Linux, so it would be pointless and probably impossible to rewrite 
TRPlayer even if someone wanted to.

On 3/3/2013 6:27 AM, Hart Larry wrote:
> Well Tony: While certainly lots of fine reasons to use mplayer, tr player
> had all those nice kee controlls for finding out info of a playing track.
> And even an author of tr player agreed that there were more modern programs
> out currently.
> Really some combination of tr player and Walt's "DAE" would be quite good.
> Hart

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