Audio tutorials

Tony Baechler tony at
Mon Mar 4 08:46:31 UTC 2013

I would be glad to host such audio tutorials.  Please contact me off list to 
arrange hosting details.  This would go nicely with the audio project I'm 
working on.  I've tried to get such a tutorial for years, but people just 
aren't interested in doing it.  I am interested, but I don't have the time. 
  If you need a mailing list, that could be arranged as well. I recommend 
sharing it under a Creative Commons license. 
My offer goes for anyone else who wants audio hosted.  I'm always looking 
for tutorials and talks on any aspect of Linux, even if it isn't related 
specifically to the blind.

On 3/3/2013 9:56 AM, Doug Smith wrote:
> I am going to start on an audio archive in the near future.  I will cover as much as is possible from installing and configuring the entire system to
> installing and configuring apps, to using Linux for many of the practical computing tasks the average user will have.

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