just how much can you do with?

John G. Heim jheim at math.wisc.edu
Mon Mar 4 18:19:53 UTC 2013

Looks as if I'm going to have to build a new machine. My debian squeeze 
machine just had a hard drive failure. I installed debian wheezy on a 
replacement machine. So far so good. But Alt+F1 no longer brings up the 
main menu.  What's up with that?

On 3/3/2013 3:07 PM, Kyle wrote:
> It would seem that most of your Iceweasel problems can probably be
> solved by using the latest Firefox. It would seem that there have been
> accessibility fixes in Firefox itself that will make your experience
> much less painful. I have experienced far fewer problems with the latest
> versions of Firefox than I have with earlier versions, and it certainly
> gets updated more frequently than Iceweasel, which although it's for the
> most part a rebranded version of Firefox, is still updated less
> frequently, and therefore is lacking some of the latest fixes. I know
> for a fact that the arrow key problem you describe is not present in the
> Mozilla branded Firefox browser, so you may want to give it a try. I
> hope this helps you, and I would be happy to continue to try to help you
> with using a Linux-based operating system in the future.
> ~Kyle
> http://kyle.tk/

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