and now the keystroke questions?

Karen Lewellen klewellen at
Mon Mar 4 19:26:26 UTC 2013

Hi again,
Keeping my word on this since the second question especially has me 
Here is what I sent to Larry, edited slightly.

Again thanks for providing  guidance about speakup.  I am feeling
more confident already.  My questions so far are simply
informational.  I am not doing anything as of yet with the
machine, just making sure that I understand how speakup works.

What key combination is the one below?

key_sysrq = speech_kill

I understand that the speakup key is the 0 or insert key on the
number pad.  I understand too that some key combinations refer to
this key pad, some to the main keyboard.  I cannot figure out
though which key is referenced above.
my second question is about combinations that use letters on the
main keyboard itself.  for example.

spk key_o = say_next_line

Now, I understand that the idea here is to hold down the speakup
key, insert on the number padd, and the letter o.  That is not
the issue.  what I am having a hard time picturing is how one can
manage this with both keys on the same side of the keyboard
without very large hands and long fingers.  in business vision
such main keyboard combinations use say the alt key for example alt h reads the 
current line.  Am I understanding the key
combination correctly in the first place? holding down the insert
key and typing the letter o, in the example above?  If so, is
there a way to reassign these keys?

okay, there they are, thoughts?

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