just how much can you do with?

Doug Smith savant-technopath at cyber-wizard.com
Tue Mar 5 03:27:34 UTC 2013

Ok, it is possible that you ran into the problem I did.  On Debian Wheezy, many of the functions that work in later versions of gnome do not work.  
For instance, you cannot bring up a terminal with control-alt-t and many others.  

My alt-f1 key to bring up the applications menu works fine.  It may also be that I am working with the gnome classic setup.  I really hate GUI 
interfaces, and for the times I have to --- absolutely must resort to that, I will take the simpler approach.  

I have not tried gnome-shell, and I don't know how well it works.  Since I could get the classic or "fallback" setting on here, I went with it when I 
set my account and my girlfriend's account up on here since this is what we were used to using.  

Hope this helps. 

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