a more simple question?

Karen Lewellen klewellen at shellworld.net
Tue Mar 5 17:39:49 UTC 2013

I am in the dictionary under in most cases.
I detailed what happened on the  install attempt.  I agree fixing is not 
hard if one knows what one is doing...witch's been my point.
As for the nicely packaged aspect of Linux, I am not sure everyone agrees 
on that.
In fact you are expected to install from unknown sites if you are going to 
upgrade and the like.
Do not mistake me, as I said I applaud all the versatility.  What I do not 
get is the difficulty in reaching that versatility.
I asked on the debian list for example to see a list of all the packages 
by category...no one  Could provide this.
Indeed the choice of wordpefect is a choice,  you might not install every 
Dos program out there...but you can find  understandable information   and 
choose on your own what might be  worth exploring.
because a few have hand picked for you what you  really need, if you are 
new you might never find what might be useful.
Ease in understanding is my point here.
Individual choice should be easy to engage in, no matter if others do not 
think they need the program.
  I mean how many people use lillypond here?  Or movgrabe for that matter?

I do not expect anyone else to have to use it just because I want to.

On Tue, 5 Mar 2013, Tony Baechler wrote:

> On 3/4/2013 6:47 PM, Karen Lewellen wrote:
>>  That is exactly what I hope I will not need to do.
>>  although I feared that might be needful.
>>  I have 6 or more DVD images of the entire debian squeeze structure. None
>>  of
>>  which got used because someone else in America put some of debian on a
>>  hard
>>  drive and mailed it to me.
> Actually, doing a new install isn't that hard.  It mostly does the right 
> thing automatically.  you only need the first DVD.
>>  I have no idea fully what is here, and again not finding the in person
>>  training have no real way of discovering without risking damaging the
>>  install already here.
> Even if you break something, fixing it isn't that hard in most cases.
>>  It is funny, since Paul brought up the 63 k packages in debian.
>>  I asked on the Debian discussion list about installing the entire thing,
>>  so
>>  I could in theory examine the say 20 media players included, or discover
>>  programs I might not know exist that might be useful.
>>  I was told that no no one really uses all of it. In fact even on the speak
>>  up list Samuel would say, you do not need more than the first couple of
>>  images.
>>  What I do not understand though is why?
> Well, why not use Wordstar instead of WordPerfect?  Why not use w3m instead 
> of Lynx?  You wouldn't install every DOS or Windows program out there.  The 
> difference is that Linux distros have everything nicely packaged for you so 
> you don't have to install it from source and/or fetch it from some unknown 
> site.
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