a more simple question?

Sam Hartman hartmans at mit.edu
Tue Mar 5 21:15:36 UTC 2013

Karren, I'm going to respond to a cople of questions.

Why is there all this software but you can't install it all at once?
Most Debian users install software to try it out and remove it if they
don't like it.

There are actual several category mechanisms for examining Debian
software.  They tend to be GUI or curses interfaces (curses is a
windowed terminal mode interface) because it's valuable to organize
things in tables for presenting information and because most Debian
users find these GUIs and curses interfaces present the information in
an easier-to-use manner.
The aptitude command will open up a curses interface that allows you to
explore the available packages including by various categories and
select packages for installation.
The synaptic package manager is a GUI version of much the same

While I could have constructed the sed command to pull out section
information from the package lists, and while that will work, I'd never
choose to approach the information that way.

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