just how much can you do with?

Tony Baechler tony at baechler.net
Wed Mar 6 08:56:06 UTC 2013

Apparently, the DECtalk USB has slightly newer or different firmware than 
the Express, so it doesn't work the same.  This is a known problem in 
Speakup and possibly Emacspeak as well.  I don't have the USB unit, but I 
know that the firmware is the 5.0 release, not 4.2CD which came standard 
with the Express.  Therefore, no, it won't work exactly the same as the 
Express unless some work is done to support it.  Without the developer's 
manual, it makes it impossible to know what changed or how to work around 
it.  That's also why the bug will probably never get fixed in Speakup.

On 3/5/2013 6:49 PM, T. V. Raman wrote:
> I didn't even know there was a Dectalk USB -- my guess is that it
> works just like the serial device once the usb port's params are
> set up correctly. I suspect the emacspeak dtk server will just
> work once you set DTK_PORT to the right value for the usb port
> where the unit is connected.

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