some bees nest stirring, was just how much can you do with?

Kevin klbrown at
Wed Mar 6 13:41:12 UTC 2013

Hello, I have been following this conversation, and seeing people singing
the praises of linux.  I have been thinking about trying out linux, but I
can not find a distro that has a talking installer that works with a
software synth.  I have a 32 bit laptop with no access to a hardware synth.
I also do not have someone sighted who could help me.  Is there a way for me
to install linux without sighted assistance and no hardware synth?

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Tim Chase  <blinux-list at> wrote:

>Just for the record, DOS has loadable drivers to make that memory
>above 1 meg accessible to other programs.  Blowing the cobwebs off
>those corners of my mind, I seem to recall loading the EMM386.SYS
>driver to do as much.

That's right, and as I remember, you could buy and install Qemm to squeeze
most out of your lower 640KB of memory. There were problems with memory
management, especially in loading device drivers, and it was all rather

I'm glad that DOS is a distant memory for me now. If there are people who
still find it useful, that's fine, but Linux is just so much better.

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