Brlapi drives me nuts.

Anders Holmberg anders at
Wed Mar 6 16:18:02 UTC 2013

I am using vinux 3.02 here and i am having a strange problem.
Braille works pritty well under the console	 but not in orca.
I have asked this on the orca list and there's a guy there terrorizing me with his shit talk about upgrading to ubuntu 13.04 which i do not listen to.
I am very satisfied with this vinux version except the braille problem in orca.
I have tried to edit some letters in the brlapi.key but still no go.
I have created a group called brl and made me and root and gdm the users of this group.
Then i have set brlapi.key to only be readable to this group.
The owner of the brlapi.key file is anders.
I can't think of anything else to do

Maybe reinstall but that seems a bit overkill.
So i really need some help.
Thanks in advance.

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