some bees nest stirring, was just how much can you do with?

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Thank you Doug.  I noticed that Redhat or ubuntu is not in that list.  Is
there a reason for that?  Just curious.

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Just try the latest version of Debian testing. Whether you choose the
network install, referred to on the page as netinst, or to use images, the 
text-based Debian installer is a complete gem to use.  It uses speakup and
is even kind enough to set up your console environment with speakup so 
you're really ready to go without sighted assistance.  

1. download and burn the image of your choice: for your case, most likely,
the i-386 version.
2. Burn the image to a cd or dd it onto a USB flash drive.
3. boot.
4. When the disk drive stops spinning, or you have waited a few seconds
after loading the usb drive, press lowercase s and then return.
5. You will hear speakup come up and immediately begin reading the beginning
of the installer.  You should be good to go from that point.  

Debian testing is proving to be rock-stable here and I have found no show
stoppers yet.  I don't know why they don't go ahead and release it as 

When they do, there will be Debian live images which work just like ubuntu
or Vinux or trisquel or sonar.  You can boot with them to see how you will 
like them first then decide to install.  

I happen to like all the above versions, and I would be hard-pressed to tell
you which one you might want, but use the one you like most.  You have 
the freedom to try them all and find one.  

Hope this helps. 

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