new user, wanting to build a multimedia computer

reinhard stebner reinhard.stebner at
Fri Mar 8 01:38:00 UTC 2013

This is what I would like to do but do not know where to start.


I have an older Dell (about 6 years old) that currently has windows 7
installed. I would like to take this machine and turn it into a multi media
server. I would like to hook up a NAS, run my music through it (mp3 / m4a)
movies, display movies if possible, hook it to the net and be able to do
normal computing tasks. I am very new to Linux (have been reading the
messages here) and I figured that it would be a good idea to have someone
help with this. Remembering that I am new to this and do not know where to
start and need a simple approach. I have compiled and written code  C and
C++ in Unix. I played around briefly with Speakup but I lost enters when the
machine I was using stopped working (mother board was friend). Now that I
have a computer to play with again, I need help setting it up and hardware
that I would be able to do this.


So let's start with sound card. It has a Sound Blaster xfy. One network card
and two hard drives. It has plenty of processing power. 

What flavor of Linux would work for this?

How do I get started?

I do not have hardware speech and would need to use software speech.

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