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Well, since nobody else has taken a shot at these questions ...

What did you do to get speech working for the debian testing install?  I 
just did a talking install with a debain testing CD on Monday of last 
week. I couldn't remember exactly how to do it so I just kep pressing 
the s key and then the enter key until I heard speech. I think it's 
pretty solid. About the only thing I can think of is  that your sound 
card isn't supported. Is it a brand new machine? I have some very new 
machines here but they all came up talking when I pressed the s key 
repeatedly like that.

On 3/12/2013 8:53 AM, Kevin wrote:
> Hello, Idownloaded debian testing, but it would not come up talking.  I
> downloaded Knoppix Adrian.  It comes up talking, but when I bring up the X
> session all the programs are inaccessible.
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> The showrt answer is a definite yes.  At the risk of repeating what others
> have said, here are a few options.  First, if you don't mind testing
> software, download the latest beta of Debian Wheezy.  The daily builds are
> broken and won't work.  Another option is Vinux.  I personally don't like it
> due to crashes and being rather behind in what it offers, but it should be
> fairly stable and should come up talking.  Finally, look at Knoppix Adriane.
>    It comes up talking also and has a nice menu which might be easier for
> you.  Vinux and Knoppix are live CDs, meaning that you don't actually have
> to install anything but you can still try them on your system.  All have
> 32-bit flavors.  Here are links:
> Also note that the CDs are pretty big downloads, but with Wheezy, you can
> download a minimal netinst CD if you have a working network connection
> detected by the installer.  If you only have wireless, you might run into
> problems, so you might want to download and burn the first CD or DVD.
> Actually, on 32-bit, you can't download a DVD image because it's over 4 GB.
>    If you try Knoppix, make sure to download the special Adriane CD.  It will
> have Adriane at the beginning of the filename.  If you download Debian
> Wheezy, make sure to get a CD with the graphical installer.  The speech
> installer actually uses text, but it's only included on the CDs with the
> graphical installer.  Yes, it sounds confusing.  Once you boot the Wheezy
> CD, press "s" and Enter and speech should come up in a few minutes.  You
> will still need sighted help if your BIOS doesn't boot from CD as the first
> boot device.  There isn't a way around that, unfortunately.  Most notebooks
> I've seen don't boot the CD first.
> Finally, I offer a $99 per year email-based support service for people just
> getting started with Linux or who already know the basics but want help with
> specific tasks.  Please contact me off list if interested.
> On 3/6/2013 5:41 AM, Kevin wrote:
>> Hello, I have been following this conversation, and seeing people singing
>> the praises of linux.  I have been thinking about trying out linux, but I
>> can not find a distro that has a talking installer that works with a
>> software synth.  I have a 32 bit laptop with no access to a hardware
> synth.
>> I also do not have someone sighted who could help me.  Is there a way for
> me
>> to install linux without sighted assistance and no hardware synth?
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>> Tim Chase<blinux-list at>  wrote:
>>> Just for the record, DOS has loadable drivers to make that memory
>>> above 1 meg accessible to other programs.  Blowing the cobwebs off
>>> those corners of my mind, I seem to recall loading the EMM386.SYS
>>> driver to do as much.
>> That's right, and as I remember, you could buy and install Qemm to squeeze
>> the
>> most out of your lower 640KB of memory. There were problems with memory
>> management, especially in loading device drivers, and it was all rather
>> messy.
>> I'm glad that DOS is a distant memory for me now. If there are people who
>> still find it useful, that's fine, but Linux is just so much better.
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