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Hi all,

This site and podcast might be of use to some of you, especially Linux 
beginners.  I have not listened to the episode, so it might contain strong 
language or offensive material, but I don't think so.  Listen at your own risk.

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Subject: 	HPR1122: LiTS 018: ln
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   HPR1122: LiTS 018: ln

Linux In The Shell aims to explore the use of many commands a user can run
in the Bash Shell. Tutorials include a write up with examples, an audio
component about the write up, and a video component to demonstrate the usage
of the command. The website is http://www.linuxintheshell.org/ Today it's
the turn of the ln command. The rest of the shownotes and video can be found
at http://www.linuxintheshell.org/2012/11/20/episode-018-ln-command/ The ln
command is used to create a link between an existing file and a destination,
typically newley created, file. Some operating systems may all this creating
a shortcut. Recall that Linux treats everything like a file, thus you can
create links to files, directories, or even devices. There are two types of
links: Hard Links: A hard like is a connection where two files share the
same inode. Symbolic Links: A symblic link is a special file that refers to
a different file.

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