Ubuntu terminal with Orca

Sam Hartman hartmans at mit.edu
Wed May 1 17:41:22 UTC 2013

>>>>> "Kyle" == Kyle  <kyle4jesus at gmail.com> writes:

    Kyle> Orca's flat review doesn't need to be moved to the terminal
    Kyle> cursor.  Whenever the terminal cursor moves, Orca's flat
    Kyle> review, when next used, starts at the position of the terminal
    Kyle> cursor. You can simply move around starting at that
    Kyle> point. Hope this helps.  ~Kyle http://kyle.tk/ -- "Kyle?

That does help a lot.

I strongly disagree with your first sentence though.

1) If you have an app that's redrawing a lot you often really need to be
able to review without being bothered by the cursor moving and without
having to fight with the redraw.
Consider for example an app that updates a clock every second...

2) Actually, I run into cases fairly frequently where I don't want to
force cursor motion but I want to get back to where the cursor is.


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