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Hi Tony,

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> All,
> I realize this is slightly off topic, but some of you might be interested
> in the following site.  As the subject implies, it's a ton of DOS programs
> from 1980 to 2003 and consists primarily of games.  If you know of a
> similar comprehensive collection of utilities and apps, let me know as I
> would be interested.  

Thanks for sharing the link!

I know of , but most of the games there are graphical
and likely won't be accessible (I am not sight impaired). Furthermore, you can
run the Zork games using a interpreter.

> Most of the software is commercial, so use and
> download at your own risk.  My reason for posting this is because some of
> the games can probably run in dosemu.  Obviously, a lot of them won't be
> accessible, but some might be, like the Zork games from Infocom.  While
> you can download the entire big zip file (about 8 GB), you can browse the
> contents and only download individual items as well.  I don't have any
> more information other than what's here, except there are a total of 2,837
> files and each game is contained in its own archive within the big zip
> file.  The link lets you browse the zip file, so you can see what's here
> before you download.  There is also a text file with the zip listing.
> Here you go:


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