speak_lib.h for yasr; Speech::eSpeak for Speech::Synthesis

Sam Hartman hartmans at mit.edu
Fri May 17 14:23:33 UTC 2013

>>>>> "pj" == pj  <pj at pjb.com.au> writes:

    pj> Greetings all, The current yasr version is from February 2008.
    pj> I can't get yasr to use espeak properly, which it has to do
    pj> through emacspeak.  That's silly; it should directly support

I actually think that for text-mode (I.E. not gnome-speech or the like)
standardizing on the emacspeak tts interface isn't a bad approach at
I think adding each tts to each tts-using application doesn't make

I guess using speech-dispatcher might also be reasonable here.

So, I'm not sure that's silly.

i'll agree that the emacspeak espeak module is annoying to build and
that it would be nice if we had an approach that didn't involve tcl
extensions for espeak as an emacspeak tts driver.


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