a bit offtopic but i can't find any other list.

Tim Chase blinux.list at thechases.com
Sun Oct 20 18:08:17 UTC 2013

On October 20, 2013, Anders Holmberg wrote:
> I have a mac mini and when using this without a screen it goes very
> slow. It takes forever to load things.
> So i am wondering if there are dummy drivers for unix systems that
> tells the system that it has a screen even if it doesn't. /A

A little googling suggested two possible solutions:

1) plugging in a mouse may help


2) plugging in an HDMI dongle in so that it fools the machine into
believing that a monitor is plugged in



>From my reading, #2 sounds more probable, but if you have a spare
mouse lying around or one you can borrow, testing #1 should be pretty


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