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Kyle kyle4jesus at
Tue Apr 1 11:21:41 UTC 2014

Sonar Linux is based on Manjaro, which is easy to use, and gets your
hardware working out of the box. The installer is somewhat similar to
Ubuntu's installer. Don't be too put off by the alpha status. The beta
was being held up because we wanted a package that isn't as forthcoming
as we had hoped, so we'll probably be releasing the beta in a couple of
weeks. You can read about it and download final releases of earlier
versions based on Ubuntu at
and you can download the latest alpha based on Manjaro at
If you have a machine with lower resources and need a lightweight
desktop, a MATE version of Sonar will be released for testing as soon as
some upcoming accessibility fixes make it into a release, which is
planned for 1.8.1. Some 1.8.1 packages have already been released with
the necessary fixes; we're just waiting for the desktop/file manager at
this point.
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