alt-f not working in Firefox

Tim Chase blinux.list at
Thu Dec 4 22:01:14 UTC 2014

On December  4, 2014, Al Sten-Clanton wrote:
> Last week, I could use alt-f to get to Firefox's file and other
> menus and also get to my bookmarks.  This week, alt-f does not
> work.  Alt-d works fine

Strange.  Do other short-cuts work fine (alt+b for bookmarks, alt+s
for history, alt+t for tools, alt+e for edit, alt+h for help) or are
they all overridden?

Alternatively, are you in full-screen mode? (try using F11 to
toggle)  The menu keys don't appear to work in full-screen mode based
on a quick test I just performed.

Finally, did you install any plugins that might have dunderheadedly
overridden the shortcut(s) you want?


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