telecom devic for deaf in linux?

Janina Sajka janina at
Fri Dec 5 18:28:48 UTC 2014

Hi, Brian:

Thinking about your question a bit further, I did a little searching.

It seems the Asterisk PBX has a poorly documented, and apparently little
used, tdd capibility. Seems it would even be possible to do baud/ot over
SIP, but that seems little tested. Probably more reliable would be a
Zaptel card, so you could wire up to a pots telephone circuit.

Try these links:

Given the lack of implementation experience the above suggests, given
that it's mostly a decade old, my surmise is that the hardware modem is
probably still the more reliable approach, unless you want to
expiriment. If you do, I do have a Digium PCI card with two fx modules
that I no longer use, and might be willing to part with. Let me know.
The card can take up to 4 modules.

PS: Yep, still kicking around here! <grin> Hope the turkey was


Brian Tew writes:
> Hey thanks Janina,
> I was wondering where you got off to. smile
> Used to see your name on blinux all the time.
> I will definitely check this out post turkey.
> Take care.
> Brian


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