a very challenging question?

Kyle kyle4jesus at gmail.com
Tue Dec 23 20:47:44 UTC 2014

I've wanted to play with FreeBSD or another sort of *real* BSD that hasn't been 
tainted by Apple for quite a few years. However, I am stopped thus far by a lack 
of a fully functional screen reader. GhostBSD is really nice, as it is said to 
run the MATE desktop now, but the problem is that Orca doesn't speak because of 
a Python conflict that causes it to fail to talk to speech-dispatcher. This 
would limit me to the command line, where the only full-featured screen readers 
run on Linux only as far as I am aware. Speakup is a set of modules that are 
specific to the Linux kernel, and SBL as far as I know only runs on Linux. The 
only other choice then would be YASR, which is rather old and is probably 
unmaintained now, and runs as a subshell rather than as a system daemon, so one 
must login without speech and run the YSR subshell manually in order to get a 
somewhat decent screen reader for only a single virtual console. This isn't 
really a problem if you intend to run your FreeBSD machine remotely over ssh or 
telnet, but it makes running it directly on your machine next to impossible. 
Please do correct me if I happen to be wrong, as I would immediately try to set 
it up here, at least on a virtual machine, and I could then support BSD as well 
as Linux in the computer business that I run.
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