a very challenging question?

Kyle kyle4jesus at gmail.com
Tue Dec 23 22:34:27 UTC 2014

Unfortunately, this still seems like too much to have to do without speech in 
order to get a speaking BSD. There are undoubtedly things that are printed to 
the console that YASR's subshell approach can't see, especially things like i/o 
errors and such. Additionally, I'm not aware of any BSD iso that has any screen 
reader available on the image, so it would need to be built from source. Then 
after that, the screen reader can't be used until after login, which means that 
login is performed with no speech, and then the screen reader needs to be 
spawned manually. Because it runs as a subshell or modified shell, as far as I'm 
aware, it probably couldn't be started from within the shell profile or anything 
similar to it, as it would run an infinite amount of copies of itself as it adds 
new instances of YASR for every subshell process it spawns.

Regarding Festival and Flite, unless they have some of the voices available 
other than Kal, most notably Alan W. Black, (gotta love that Scottish voice 
<smiles>), I don't think I want to use either of those. On the other hand, I 
find I can listen to Espeak without any trouble, so if Espeak is available, I 
can use that, as long as there is a screen reader that supports it. In any case, 
I would really like to see a screen reader available for *BSD that could run as 
a system daemon, support software speech via Espeak or Festival/Flite with a 
good voice, and speak at least the login screen and the primary shell, rather 
than having to run as a subshell under the primary shell.
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