a very challenging question?

Tim Chase blinux.list at thechases.com
Wed Dec 24 01:55:15 UTC 2014

On December 23, 2014, Karen Lewellen wrote:
> However since I can ssh TELNET into shellworld using Dos and access
> all the command line tools here with that speech, I cannot imagine
> why the ssh TELNET process will not work the other way into
> whatever this box becomes.

I would expect that, if that's the way you're comfortable, that you
could fairly readily set up a similar configuration of SSHing into
your local Linux/BSD box instead of into shellworld.  It sounds like
this is what you're already trying to do but having some sort of
difficulty.  However, I'm not sure what the issue is.  The two things
that come to mind are

1) if you really are telnetting from DOS (it's been a long time since
I've used pure DOS as the core operating system), I remember being
able to telnet but not SSH.  They're different protocols, so unless
there's a SSH program for DOS (there could well be, I'm just ignorant
in that department), you really do want to telnet.  If this is the
case, you'd want to ensure that the telnet daemon is running and
listening for connections on your Linux box.  It's not secure, but if
you're only running over your local network, it shouldn't expose you

2) if you do have a SSH client in DOS and still can't connect, it
sounds like your Linux box may not be running "sshd" (the SSH daemon).

Or, maybe you *are* able to connect to your Linux box and I'm just
mis-understanding again.

> Nothing personal, but I have zero reason to buy a box for a
> platform that has yet to prove worth investing in otherwise.
> Perhaps in time, but first things first, being able to do something
> with the Linux box presently holding up the speakers for my DOS one.

Ah, if you already have one then, no worries or need to buy any
additional machine.  I must have misinterpreted something you wrote
which lead me to believe that you didn't have any machine locally to
monkey with.


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