a very challenging question?

Sam Hartman hartmans at mit.edu
Thu Dec 25 06:17:40 UTC 2014

>>>>> "Øyvind" == Øyvind Lode <oyvind at lode.is> writes:

    Øyvind> Ok, but how does one install freebsd on a physical machine?
    Øyvind> I have a box here I would like to put freebsd on to use as a
    Øyvind> fileserver.  It might be possible to install via ssh, but if
    Øyvind> doable it would require me to blindly activate networking
    Øyvind> and sshd.

well, blindly activating networking and sshd doesn't seem impossible,
although it would take a bit of practice.

You could get a working freebsd system including sshd on a USB key
(using qemu to set that up) and boot that then ssh in.

You could boot a cd with linux/speakup, install with qemu onto the
native hd and boot into that.

Yeah, the first time you try this you'll probably either need to use
advanced debugging or ask for a bit of help, but after that you should
be fine on your own.


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