Any Opinions, trn verses nn?

Hart Larry chime at
Fri Feb 7 03:33:32 UTC 2014

I am also sending this along to some1 ouside this list, who is quite a trn 
Over the years I am trying several news-readers, lately some of those which are 
not menu-driven. However, still I cannot open larger groups, as Giganews has 
over 2thousand days of binaries.
Somehow I completely ignored "nn"  so I tried running it here in Debian. Seems 
to defalt to showing a list of authors instead of subjects. Anyway in looking 
over a man-page, also a really long FAQ written in 1995-and-posteed monthly in  until August 2006.
Since then there are lots of spam in that group, so not sure if I will post 
Inside the program The help menu makes no sense with a screen-reader. Looks like 
you create an init file from scratch, practicly call
it anything you like. Supposedly 180 variables we can set.
So among other questions, if you please, would nn have a better chance of 
handling a larger group? And maybe a chance of loading a trn keymap? Also, its 
really strange, you can merge subjects from different news-groups in to a 
vertual group. But I am not sure if I can thread articles in a single group? 
Then I must find out keystrokes for saving threaded  binary messages to a file, 
or sending them through uudeview.
I suppose thats plenty for now-and-thanks in advance for your 

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