Ebay-and-its javascript anoyances!

Hart Larry chime at hubert-humphrey.com
Thu Feb 20 05:19:52 UTC 2014

Right this second I really don't remember a last time I purchased an item on 
Ebay? This evening I wanted to check out 2 different Accurian HD-Radios which 
are listed. So after a confusing sign in process, as I had to manually hit link3 
as a refresh. Next I wanted to inquire of the seller. So I type in my 
questions-and-what do we find next but a capcha. Sure thats bad enough but their 
audio immage is javascript, so I am unable to ask a question. So I did some 
reading on Ebay accessibility. They say they improved their site with "webam" so 
I read their help page for special needs. Basicly written from a windows 
stanpoint. At its conclusion, they ask "was this page helpful"? So after typing 
my comments, what do we find, but their mobile page is javascript-and-when I 
submitted my comments, the page sent errors.  I think some years ago there were 
no javascript in these slots on their site. If there are any tricks around to 
get past these barriers, please inform, as some time on Thursday the bidding may 
end on these items. Also, I would think once I sign in with a valid user 
name/password, why have a capcha, after all those are really for unlawful folks. 
Thanks so much in advance

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