Live CD silence, (was RE: new debian 7 install and speakup issues)

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Tue Feb 25 01:59:36 UTC 2014

Somewhat related to the topic below, I've so far been unable to get sound
(either Speakup or Orca) using what I think is the 7.4 live Debian DVD on my
64-bit Linux machine.  I did get Orca working using the 32-bit version on
this Windows box, but not Speakup.  Even when I determined that speakup_soft
and apparently related modules were loaded by way of the lsmod and grep
commands, there was no Speakup.  

Putting aside the Speakup problem for the moment, it seems that the sound
card on this 32-bit machine works well enough with Debian but the one on my
64-bit Linux box does not.  The Fedora live CDs are at low volume when I
bring Orca up there, but there's enough sound that I can adjust settings in
gnome.  Vinux used to have a series of keystrokes that allowed you to get
sound in such cases and then adjust the volume, but last time I looked I
didn't find those.  Is there anything like that for straight Debian?  My
purpose in all this is to try to kick a lot of tires on the Debian live CD
before deciding whether to keep what I've got or switch.  

Thanks for any suggestions.


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You didn't get specific about your install, but let me guess what happened
1) you installed using a hardware synthesizer and didn't put the necessary
parameters into lilo or grub when you had the opportunity,
speakup.synth=ltlk would be one possible example
2) you used s at the boot prompt and got speech on the sound card all the
way through the install, when you boot your system and the disk stops hit
enter once and wait you may find you actually do have speech after all.
On Sat, 22 Feb 2014, mike wrote:

> Hi,
> I just installed a new debian 7 install and at spoke during speech however
> once the system restarted speech stopped working any ideas?
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