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Thu Jan 30 02:18:12 UTC 2014

Are you using audacity in debian, or in another distribution?

On Wed, 29 Jan 2014, Kyle wrote:

> Sox in Debian doesn't record to mp3, but it looks like a major part of
> what you want. If you start with wav or flac, you can do some basic
> editing before you make the mp3 file for the podcast. You will need the
> lame package to make the mp3 file. To make the initial recording, start
> with something like
> rec -q -r 44100 -b 16 somefile.wav
> or to save diskspace,
> rec -q -r 44100 -b 16 somefile.flac
> Press control c when done. Now you can use sox in various ways to fade
> in and out, increase or decrease the volume or add effects of various
> kinds. Sorry, my knowledge of more fine-grained editing is limited to
> Audacity, so hopefully someone else will have a better idea how to do
> advanced editing from the command line. Once you have the recording
> made, you need an mp3 file for the podcast. More and more people are
> using Ogg Vorbis for this, but mp3 still plays on more devices for some
> reason. If you have the server space, feel free to make both. Your Ogg
> Vorbis file can be made as simply as
> sox somefile.wav -C 3 somefile.ogg
> I'm using 3 as the compression (-C) level here, but you can probably set
> it  as low as 0 and still have a file that sounds good. Since you can
> use sox to make the Ogg Vorbis file, your original recording and edits
> can be flac, wav or wv (wavpack), whereas the lame mp3 encoder only
> accepts wav, so your final edit will need to be wav, although your
> original recording and everything else in between can be flac or wv.
> And now to make the mp3 file. Again, be sure you have a wav file to
> encode, as Debian's version of sox has no mp3 support. Your command will
> look like
> lame -b 128 somefile.wav somefile.mp3
> If your not using any music, you can use 64 for the bitrate (-b) option,
> and your mono mp3 file will still sound good. Hope this helps.
> ~Kyle
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