for those who use links?

Tim Chase blinux.list at
Thu Jan 30 03:54:18 UTC 2014

On January 29, 2014, Karen Lewellen wrote:
> that was what I tried.  I dare say it depends on the page you are
> working with, since  the page itself ended n .gz, what is this?
> When I saved he file as html though, I just got code.

A .gz file is usually gzipped.  You should be able to issue

  gunzip some_file.gz

to un-gzip the file.  Sometimes the file is a .tar.gz in which case
you can unpack the whole thing with tar:

  tar xzf some_file.tar.gz

(or, if you want some feedback of the files it is unpacking, make
that "xzvf", adding a "v" for "verbose")

I usually unpack tar-files in their own directory just in the event
they drop a large bundle of files without creating a subdirectory to
contain them.

If you have a URL I can hit against, I'd be glad to give it a try


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