whole bunch of questions!

jeff greene greeneboy at samobile.net
Wed Jul 9 22:39:24 UTC 2014

Hi, I'm Jeff and I just joined the list. I've never used linux before 
and have a bunch of questions. I'm really tired of windows 8.1 and 
can't afford a mac, so am thinking about jumping to linux.
1 what's the best linux to get? I've heard some have built-in speach
2 Can you do all the same things in linux like in windows: 
moving/copying files, converting and playing videeos etc.
3 is there something like itunes for linux? And going with that, can i 
sync media between a linux machine and my iphone?
4 has anybody dealt with system76? Do they give good service etc?
5 and I'll make this the last one. Are there any good podcasts demoing 
linux using speach?
Thanks, Jeff

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