youtube-dl urls

Hart Larry chime at
Sun Jul 27 13:46:39 UTC 2014

Well Brian, here's what I can suggest. Grab the latest version of youtube-viewer 
from Trizen. While it does not seem to have cursor tracking, what happens, you 
either provide a search string or a youtube user name, which in this program is 
labeled as an author. So, if you were to type in
youtube-viewer -u=cbsnewsonline
you will get generally a most recent 50 results of items, which you can watch or 
download. In either case you will see an author, so in the future you can search 
on that.  The list of results will be numbered, however, at least here, I can 
only grab multiple items if they are consecutive.
You can find his programs at
I would have to say his program as well as get-flash-videos are the best things 
to come along in `years. Enjoy

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