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According to Brian Tew:
# What command lineprogram can I use to configure linux for a cable modem?

How is the cable modem connected to the computer? Most of the time, the
network should just come up automatically, as most distros try to get an
IP address from either the cable modem or a router that you may have
connected using DHCP, which just queries a server to get an assigned IP
address. If this doesn't work immediately, try powercycling the modem,
usually by unplugging it for about 15 to 20 seconds and plugging the
power cable back in. Many times, if you transferred the modem from one
device to another, even if it's between a computer and a router, it
requires a reboot of the modem to reset it to assign an address to the
new device. Powercycling will solve that problem so that it once again
works properly. If you still can't get an address and connectivity to
the internet, you may need to explicitly enable networking. This can be
distro specific, but is usually done by executing one of the following:

sudo service dhcpcd start

sudo systemctl start dhcpcd

sudo /etc/init.d/dhcpcd start

or something similar. This is the most basic networking setup that will
get a computer connected via wired ethernet connection to either a
router or a cable modem. For more advanced networking, you may want to
have a look at network-manager or another package that has advanced
command line and graphical tools for configuring wired and wireless
networks. Hope this helps.
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