Best command-line distro

Aldo info at
Fri Nov 14 16:50:18 UTC 2014

On Fri, Nov 14, 2014 at 09:12:52AM -0600, John J. Boyer wrote:
> It looks like Debian might be the best choice. 

Well, I have both on many different computers, but I had preferred Ubuntu on
netbooks to be sure to have the most recent driver for the videochip.

> However, I need brltty to 
> run at boot-up, 

It will for both Ubuntu or Debian;
if it doesn't, then edit /etc/brltty.conf or be suer that in Ubuntu the
/etc/default/brltty config file contains the Yes key to run brltty at

> so it shows the login mesage. Is there a package for 
> Debian that will set this up. 

If you simply block the graphical environment to load, then you probably
will have the Debian of Ubuntu login.
But I don't know which update-rc.d command we does have to run to block the
graphical level at boot time. Maybe some other list-member can help.

> I also need brltty 5.2, because 5.1 won't 
> work with my Focus 40 Braille display. 

If someone tells you which version does Ubuntu run, then maybe it is the
right one for you!
At this time I'm running a Debian with a BrlTty 4 version.

> I don't want a graphical 
> interface preloaded.

Cf. update-rc.d command to remove the automatic load of it! 

> Ubuntu 14.04 sometimes behaves strangely at the command line.

Debian is for me a more stable distro.


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