audible status indicators

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Sat Nov 22 22:47:36 UTC 2014

I've just started using a machine without a hard disk. It's suddenly
much more difficult to work out what state it's in when resuming after
suspend, rebooting etc. I would like to add a few auditory indicators
for key and common steps (like these). The boot-up earcon wouldn't b
necessary *if* I could get gdm to come up talking but that isn't
working under my fedora 20 system.
It's also important that whatever I do doesn't finish up with someone
else (probably root) owning the sound hardware and locking out the
pulseaudio instance I will soon start up.
Adding an rc.local file to /etc/rc.d with an aplay something-or-other
should work for boot.

The resume-after-suspend is harder I think. I need to ensure, for
example, that pulseaudio is in a good state for playing sound. I
presume this is managed by acpi event handling?
Has anyone else tried this?
thanks in advance

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