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Jude DaShiell jdashiel at
Thu Sep 18 19:10:14 UTC 2014

A real usable and real useful way to configure emacs for me at least is 
with the use of M-x customize-browse.  The reason for that is that M-x 
customize is inaccessible.  With M-x customize-browse, controls a user can 
manipulate get brackets around them and you can have one of four states 
inside those brackets.  If you got a space, that control is what sighted 
people call grayed out and unavailable.  A star in a bracket only happens 
inside radiobuttons and only one of them will have the star.  When your 
cursor gets on top of a left bracket, then that control is what sighted 
people call highlighted.  If the control has a minux sign in it, it means 
at you can hit enter and that control changes to a plus sign.  Hit enter 
once more on that control and you get put into another window in which you 
can make changes.  In order to make a change, first you have to edit a 
[value] control and put an acceptable option into it selectable from a 
radiobuttons box below it.  Even then, you did no damage yet or changed 
nothing yet.  In order to do that, you have to edit a [state] control and 
just hit one of the single digit selections don't hit enter to make that 
work.  I had tried using M-x customize earlier and found it inaccesible 
since controls would appear on screen and I couldn't distinguish them from 
text since I don't have color or attribute reporting on constantly with 
speakup.  However this alternate interface enabled me to create an .emacs 
file with customize-browse which throws no errors when doing my editing.  
Spend some time in M-x customize-browse and you may come up with some new 
things to try with emacs once you save your changes.

jude <jdashiel at>

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