Hpodder with a Proxy?

Hart Larry chime at hubert-humphrey.com
Thu Sep 25 14:49:01 UTC 2014

I was so happy to read that Tim runs this wonderful podcast client, maybe an 
only 1 which examins the meta data, so at least we get actual titles instead of 
randem numbers.
Anyway, I am trying to grab AlJazeera podcasts, but since I am in the USA they 
just provide a small geo blocking file. So another lister, who's in our LUG 
suggested I try torsocks. But no matter which order I run both programs, I 
so-far cannot make any progress subscribing to these items. At 1 point I was 
able to run torsocks ahead of Lynx and actal download an item. I traded mail 
with an author of Hpodder, he suggests if curl can handle a proxy, then Hpodder 
probably can. Can you, Tim, or any1else please inform in how to configure, so I 
can subscribe-and-download actual content. Just putting in an url of the feed 
downloads 50 epesodes of correct titles, but all are geo blocking. Thanks so 
much in advance for solving a mystery.
Hart-and-PS, unfortunately there are seemingly no ways of re-aranging podcast 
numbers to setup catagories. Numbers just advance, even if you remove an item

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