Installing Debian as command-line only, Braille only

John G Heim jheim at
Tue Apr 7 13:48:29 UTC 2015

If I understand your question, I think all you will have to do is 
uncheck the desktop packages when you get to the screen that asks you to 
select software. It will have other choices like print server, file 
server, laptop tools, etc.  The desktop apps will be checked by default, 
uncheck that and it will do what you want. Unless you have an extremely 
small hard drive, you don't have to worry about GUI components being 
installed, you just don't want it to run the GUI at boot.  A heck of a 
lot of packages are going to have dependencies that require various X11 
and gnome packages.  But if you just tell it not to install the desktop 
packages, you'll get a character interface after rebooting.

On 04/07/2015 01:08 AM, Joel Roth wrote:
> John J. Boyer wrote:
>> When doing a custom install of debian, what options should be chosen (or
>> not) to avoid installing any GUI components. I also plan to not
>> install the acessibility components and to install brlttty when
>> finished.
>> Is this a good plan? Of course, some GUI components may be installed
>> when other packages are added.
> Hi John,
> One way to avoid cruft is to set the variables in
> /etc/apt/apt.conf to install only minimum dependencies.
> APT:Install-Recommends "0";
> APT:Install-Suggests "0";
> You might not be able to start with that, but it
> could be done following a minimal install, before you
> pull in higher-level apps.
> HTH,
> Joel
>> Thanks,
>> John
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