vinux4 on is corrupted

Jude DaShiell jdashiel at
Fri Apr 24 16:11:08 UTC 2015

First, orca wouldn't even come up with control-alt-s on the hard drive.
So, on the archlinux disk I deleted the vinux-4.0-dvd-amd64.iso file.
Then I ran Download-Vinux.bash which had been modified to get that iso 
The rsync server downloaded what it had.
Next I ran md5sum --quiet --check vinux-4.0-dvd-amd64.iso and got a bunch 
of missing files.
So I ran Download-Vinux.bash again and then repeated the md5sum command 
again with no difference.
Final conclusion, has a corrupted master and has 
distributed that corruption to all of its mirrors some time ago.
Another complete waste of time and internet resources.

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