Nano 2.4.0 problem

Kyle kyle4jesus at
Sun Apr 26 13:06:16 UTC 2015

So far, the only thing I know works flawlessly with the new version of
Nano is Orca+gnome-terminal, and possibly mate-terminal as well. My best
guess is that Nano is redrawing the screen on each character in a text
console, which would cause the problem, although using it over ssh seems
to work just as well in gnome-terminal as running it locally. Many of us
are seeing it, but none of us have yet found the setting in question.
Since I use Orca pretty much exclusively for everyday use, I don't
notice it here, and nano in fact works better than Vim, as Vim has a
funny habit of repeating words in gnome-terminal, both running locally
and over ssh. Getting information from the TalkingArch community
certainly helps here, as we use Nano a lot in the text console when
installing the system, and have largely had to get used to Vim commands
recently, although Vim has been my editor of choice, with the exception
of the autio tutorial I made, in which I made extensive use of Nano, as
it is installed by default on the live image. Rest assured that I will
share whatever makes Nano work properly again as soon as someone in
#talkingarch finds it, or I stumble upon it somewhere else, whichever
comes first.
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