Nano 2.4.0 problem

Tony Baechler tony at
Mon Apr 27 08:10:25 UTC 2015

Sorry for the duplicate messages.  I had a temporary server issue and wasn't
sure if the first one went or not.  Anyway, it's in Debian experimental, so
it should eventually make its way to unstable and testing.  The new behavior
of everything on the screen being repeated as soon as I press a key is
extremely annoying and I would like to figure out how to turn it off.  I'm
sure it has something to do with how it's writing text to the screen, but I
haven't had time to dig into it.

On 2015-04-26 03:01 AM, Hart Larry wrote:
> Well, Welcome back Tony-and-looks like you sent 2 exactly the same messages.
> I think an only time I've seen what you are asking about, is when trying out
> a zsh shell. But I think I will upgrade now-and-test it?
> Wow, an apt-get, even in sid  still gets me a 2.2.6. How interesting
> Hart
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