installing without internet

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Wed Aug 5 10:41:43 UTC 2015

You'll be given the opportunity to pick an installation source. 
Internet is one option but cd/dvd is another.  When you pick cd/dvd, 
you'll be prompted to insert each dvd in the dvd drive so debian can 
index what you have.  Once all of that is done, to install a package 
you'll be prompted for one or both of those cd/dvd's if the install you 
want needs files from both of them.  To move over to internet for your 
source, you're going to have to comment out active lines in 
'/etc/apt/sources.list and add in internet repository lines to select 
mirrors and distributions.  Fortunately for you, a tool exists to help 
you select your best internet mirrors.  The security mirror is separate 
from the debian main mirror and there is also a multimedia mirror that 
can be installed in /etc/apt/sources.list.  Once you have changed 
/etc/apt/sources.list, you want to run aptitude update first then 
aptitude safe-upgrade to get updates those dvd's don't have.

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> Ok.
> I've got dvd disks, and all Three isos downloaded so I can burn them.
> How do I do when I want to install a package that is not on the first
> dvd, but one of the others?
> Also, when I get internet access. How do I select a mirror, and use
> apt-get install the normal way?
> /Kristoffer
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>> Hi.
>> I'm going to install debian.
>> When I install I don't  have internet on that computer.
>> What do I need then?
>> There are dvd images. Do I need all?
>> /Kristoffer
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