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Tue Aug 11 14:15:44 UTC 2015

Hi, Tony:

I thought the same thing when 
Christopher first posted about his use of aumix. What you say is indeed
true. However, it seems some group has resurrected the name for a new,
cross-platform application based on something called the Open Sound
Architecture. So, we've got yet more ways to get confused by Linux


Tony Baechler writes:
> Have you installed the alsa-utils package?  While aumix works OK for ALSA,
> it is not a good choice and I think was abandoned upstream.  It uses OSS
> which is the old sound system, so using it also requires the oss-compat
> package.  OSS stands for the open sound system and is still used on the BSD
> platform, but hasn't been widely used on Linux for many years now.  Either
> amixer or alsamixer are better choices.  I'm not sure why alsa-utils wasn't
> installed automatically.  Also, as you found out, aumix doesn't work with
> Pulse at all, so it'll be useless in Gnome.  All ALSA programs (aplay,
> alsamixer, amixer) let you pick what card to use.  The modification to the
> configuration is a one-time fix to not disable your USB sound device.
> On 8/11/2015 1:30 AM, Kristoffer Gustafsson wrote:
> >I don't really want to modify config files.
> >I just want to change soundcard.
> >For example if I've got two in the computer I want to choose wich card to use.
> >I'll look into this. Last time I had my machine running I got no amixer at all.
> >I ended up using aumix.
> >/Kristoffer
> >
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